Boston Terrier 101

The Boston Terrier breed originated in the United States, so it’s an all-American dog! A cross between English bulldog and white English terrier, this breed is both tough and gentle. Bostons at one time were used in dog fighting competitions but today the dogs are bred to be far more gentle in character and temperament.

Sometimes known as “the American gentlemen among dogs,” the Boston Terrier (or Boston bull) is superior when it comes to intelligence and train-ability. This dog is lively with a smooth coat, short head and compact, well-muscled build. They may be brindle, seal, or black in color with even white markings. They have active, determined, and graceful habits.

They are quick and eager to learn (though somewhat independent), so if you want an obedient dog with his personality, the Boston terrier is a good choice. They are enthusiastic and lively puppies and are very sensitive to the tone of voice.

If you’re looking for a children’s pet – the Boston Terrier is a reliable dog around children. Their playful side and affectionate nature endear them to the very young, but they are also good dogs for the elderly and friendly to strangers. Perhaps not a good thing if you are looking for a reliable watchdog. They usually fit into family life well and are well behaved around other family pets – except some males who may fight with other dogs.

The Boston Terrier is an excellent choice for city or country life – when indoors they tend to be still and don’t need a large yard. They do, however, need to be protected from temperature extremes when living outdoors.

Your Boston Terrier needs to be walked regularly and given sessions of free play in a yard so that he can keep in tip-top shape. They may not enjoy long walks but love to follow their owners wherever they go!

The Boston Terrier is easy to groom thanks to his smooth, short-haired coat. Only comb and brush with a firm bristle brush. Bathe him only if he is dirty. The eye area needs special attention and should be cleaned carefully along with the rest of the face. His ears may harbor ticks. Clip the nails occasionally.

What about health problems? Because the Boston Terrier is a flat-faced breed, they may show breathing problems if exertion stresses them in hot or cold weather. Sometimes when pushed too hard, they have a tendency to overheat. Since their faces are flat, they may drool or snore a little.

The female Boston terrier may find having pups difficult because the breed has a very narrow pelvis and the pups have such large heads! She may need to be helped along by a cesarean section.

Both heart and skin tumors associated with the Boston Terrier. Bostons with bad breeding could show a defect in the skull bones that causes stunting of skull and brain growth. They live for around fifteen years or more.

Your Boston Terrier will make a wonderful family pet if well cared for and treated like the intelligent gentleman he is! Enjoy him and he will give you years of love and companionship.

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